Monday, February 22, 2016

NY Daily News Blasts Vassar Lecture

Jasbir Puar
(Der Stuermer logo and "Der Jude"- The Jew- added by me)

Rutgers Professor Jasbir Puar's speech at Vassar recently made waves across the blogopshere for her venomous tone against Israel and Israelis, rhetoric that conjured up images of old canards against Jews. Now the NY Daily News has taken notice and weighed in.

While Puar enjoys the freedom of speech to make such outrageous charges without providing one bit of evidence, Vassar has an obligation to do more than just affirm that right. They should condemn those remarks in the strongest tone possible. They should state exactly what Puar said, describe the event and the sponsoring organization. Rejecting BDS is not enough.

In addition, Rutgers should take a very close look at these remarks and decide whether they represent the viewpoints and values of Rutgers itself. Both institutions have been given a black eye by this event. Puar has become a psoter child showing the inherent Jew hatred behind the BDS movement.

This woman is a disgrace. Sadly, there are all too many like her infesting our universities.

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