Tuesday, January 26, 2016

An Embarrassment for the LA Times (Saree Makdisi)

UCLA's Professor Saree Makdisi, an anti-Israel activist was caught making a misstatement in front of a UC Irvine audience Saturday night when he (and Stanford's David Palumbo-Liu) claimed that the State Department definition on anti-Semitism includes criticism of Israel.

That makes twice in the month of January that Makdisi has been caught making misstatements in public as evidenced by his January 8 op-ed in the LA Times.

Makdisi enjoys an inside track at the Times when it comes to writing op-eds, possibly due to his friendship with opinion editor Nick Goldberg, who also appeared Saturday at Irvine and indicated to the audience that he would not publish writings by one who denied Climate Change.

Whether it is in the media or academia, it is pretty evident that one cannot believe everything he or she reads or hears.

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