Monday, December 7, 2015

Mark LeVine Thinks Sweden Should Keep Those Gates Open

Mark LeVine
Guest Researcher
Lund University

Mark Levine is a professor at UC Irvine and apparently also spends some time in the socialist paradise of Sweden, where he is a guest researcher at Lund University-whatever that is. It looks like he found some time to visit Malmö, Sweden's third largest city and the most anti-Jewish city in Europe-thanks to the Muslim immigrants who now make up about 25% of the city's population. Mostly sequestered in the  Rosengård section of the city, they have made Malmö uninhabitable for its Jewish residents, who are leaving in droves.

In other places like Stockhom and Gothenburg, the immigrants have caused the once peaceful nation's crime rate to skyrocket and made it Europe's rape capital.

Nonetheless, Lund University's liberal American guest researcher thinks Sweden should take in more and more. And don't forget those hardworking Gypsies, who contribute so much to European civilization.

Rather than leave the reader dying of suspense, here is LeVine's recent article for Al Jazeera, for which he writes regular op-eds.

And, of course, Mark never misses a chance to blame the West.

"But the reality is that their villages, regions and even countries have been rendered increasingly uninhabitable by decades, even centuries of, colonialism, war, systematic economic exploitation, and environmental degradation for which Western policies bear first and primary responsibility."

And don't forget those rapidly melting ice caps.

"But they, like all of us, live in a broader world - and indeed are among its greatest beneficiaries - whose systematic violence and imbalances are now being laid bare. The consequences, from mass terrorism to genocidal wars and rapidly melting ice caps, cross borders with far greater ease than the people arriving in Malmo."

Of course, LeVine doesn't mention the crime, the riots, the rapes, the refusal to assimilate, to say nothing of the rapidly growing threat of Islamic terrorism. He also overlooks another important point:

"With front-line countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon already bursting with refugees, who will take them in? Will the entire Middle East become one big Gaza Strip?"

Well, yeah. How about the other Arab states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Oman, UAE etc.? Where are they?

But don't feel bad, Mark. That is a question that has also eluded President Obama and the Western European heads of state.

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