Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another Questionable Cherokee Indian in Academia

Hat tip Daily Caller


Elizabeth Warren aka Little White Dove (note the high cheek bones)

Andrea Smith [University of California at Riverside]
Andrea Smith

Move over, Elizabeth Warren! It seems we have another person in academia who is claiming to be a Cherokee Indian, albeit without any real proof. That would be Andrea Smith, a professor of Cultural Studies at the University of California at Riverside. The Daily Caller has the story.

This, of course, reminds us of now-US Senator Elizabeth Warren at Harvard University. She claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee Indian and Harvard's web pages made a big deal of that claim to tout their diversity. Of course, Warren has been unable to prove her claim. It seems Smith is having similar difficulties.

When I read this story, I wondered if I had encountered Smith's name before at nearby UC Riverside, and after a quick check, I found I had indeed. Smith, who is a proud graduate of UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University) History of Consciousness Department, is another-you guessed it-anti-Israel activist. (The History of Consciousness Department-whatever that is- is the bailiwick of Angela Davis.

At any rate, Smith was one of the UCR co-sponsors in bringing the notorious Boycott, Divest and Sanctions co-founder Omar Barghouti to speak at UCR in January 2014. I was present at that propaganda-fest masquerading as education. I videotaped it and asked the sponsors when they were going to bring in a pro-Israel speaker to provide proper balance to their students as opposed to the indoctrination offered up by Omar Barghouti. That brought an indignant response from chief sponsor and anti-Israel activist David Lloyd, who termed the question "preposterous".  Here you can read my posting on that event, and here you can watch the video. (Maybe you can catch a glimpse of Smith in the audience. I didn't notice any Cherokees in attendance, to be honest.) In this posting, you can read a letter to UCR from the AMCHA Initiative complaining about the one-sidedness of the event and which contains Smith's name in the list of sponsors.

By the way, like Smith, Barghouti also has a murky background. He was reportedly born in Qatar and raised in Egypt. At some point, he found himself in the West Bank and got his university education at Tel Aviv University all the while being an international activist against Israel, which caused considerable controversy over there. As you can see in the above links, I attempted to bring out his hypocrisy in an earlier appearance at UC Irvine, but he doesn't like to talk about where he came from-for obvious reasons. He merely insists he is Palestinian.

At least he doesn't claim to be a Cherokee.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Realistically, about two-thirds of so-called "white folks" are part African, about ninety percent of so-called "black folks" are part European, and about half of all of us are part Native American. Most of us can't trace it with any specificity, and its nothing special because its all around. Deal with it.

(My mother's mother's family tradition says there are a few east Tennessee Cherokee ancestors, and a friend of mine in North Carolina says something similar about her mother's family, so that makes us about 12th cousins, give or take a few degrees. That's what its like to be American.)