Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mark LeVine Sheds Tears For Muslim Brotherhood Operative Spared by Egypt

Moving in darkness

Mark LeVine (above) is a professor at UC Irvine, part-time rocker, guest researcher at Lund University in Sweden, and op-ed writer for Al Jazeera (English). In this latest missive, Mark writes about Muslim Brotherhood activist Mohamed Soltan, who has just been released from Egyptian prison and (unfortunately for us) deported back to the US. (He holds dual citizenship.)

"The release and deportation of Egyptian-American activist and journalist Mohamed Soltan from prison after a hunger strike that lasted for over a year, ..........."

That's a bit misleading because anyone who survives a hunger strike that lasts over a year must be Superman . But then Mark clears it up farther down the column.

"Soltan spent over a year on a full or partial hunger strike before his release,...."

Well, so much for Soltan's commitment.

But there is more to Mark's "revolutionary" verbiage.

"But as conditions deteriorate further across the region, there is a growing sense that a return to the ideology of Tahrir could reanimate large numbers of people to let go of their fears and once again take to the streets for revolutionary change."

Yes, Mark. We saw that revolutionary change when the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammad Morsi were in power, part of the so-called Arab Spring, when the MB was persecuting its own enemies and people had free rein to burn Christian churches because Christians were blamed for opposing the revolution. I wonder if Mark has researched how many women were raped in his beloved Tahrir Square.

Here is more on Soltan and his father, Salah Soltan, who is, fortunately, still locked up in Egypt and facing a death sentence. Both of them resided for several years in Hilliard, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. In this PJ Media report by Patrick Poole, he documents the anti-America rhetoric of Salah and the anti-Semitic rhetoric of Mohamed, the latter of which took place at the Ohio statehouse. Apparently, Mohamed is suspected of setting fire to the family home in a staged "hate crime". 

The Soltans were also affiliated with the notorious Noor Islamic Cultural Center of Dublin, Ohio, where Salah was religious director. This mosque has long been suspected of having radical ties. It was this same mosque that was helping Rifqa Bary's parents in their efforts to regain custody of her after she converted to Christianity and ran away from Ohio to Florida fearful that her parents and their friends would kill her. She has since turned 18 and now lives in an undisclosed location.

So now, no doubt thanks to Obama and his State Department, Soltan becomes our problem as he returns to America to continue his activism and "return to the Internet". Maybe Mark will invite him to come to speak in front of his class at UC Irvine. (Hopefully, he won't burn down the classroom.)

Mohamed, I mean.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Why are you giving this jerk the attention he obviously craves? What difference does it make what nonsense tumbles from his mouth? Who's paying attention? IS this a political masochism streak coming out in your choice of topics?

Gary Fouse said...

He doesn't crave negative attention. He seems to get quite irked if I may say so myself.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

He lives to be irked.

My mother used to come home from the movies in the 1930s and ask her father "Who is that funny man with the mustache over in Germany, the short guy with brown hair and brown eyes raving about a tall, blonde, blue-eyed master race?"

Gary Fouse said...

For Mark's sake, I will fill in the name: His name was Hitler. Adolf Hitler.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yeah, Mark is too young to remember details like that. I was born after WW II, but when I was growing up, every other movie had a name like "Tobruk" or "Battle of the Bulge."