Saturday, May 23, 2015

Report on the Big Islamophobia Conference at UC Berkeley

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Campus Watch

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Man of many hats

Below is another report on that big Islamophobia Conference at UC Berkeley hosted by your friend and mine, Hatem Bazian, a man of many hats, UCB professor, founder of the Islamophobia Research and Islamophobia Center, founder of Students for Justice in Palestine, and co-founder of Zaytuna College-which pretends to be an Islamic college just off the main UCB campus. Cinnamon Stillwell and Rima Greene have the report in Jihad Watch.

I was on the Berkeley campus a couple of weeks ago and decided to go see the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center for myself. I figured since I am an adjunct teacher at UC Irvine, I could introduce myself as a researcher and ask to sift through their extensive files.
Alas, the IRDC is nothing more than your typical broom closet of a teacher’s office big enough for one person. Nobody was there, of course.
I guess they have all those files on microfiche.

"Kilroy was here"

Yet here we have Hatem Bazian talking as if he were presiding over the Harvard School of Law and expounding about this invented term, Islamophobia, while millions of people worldwide are running for their lives from bloodthirsty Muslim madmen who are beheading and burning their victims alive in an effort to impose their ideology over the whole world in an orgy of blood.

I don't suppose they talked about that at the conference.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this new site?

The Canary Mission database was created to expose individuals and groups that are anti-Freedom, anti-American and anti-Semitic in order to protect the public and our democratic values.

Every individual and organization has been carefully researched and sourced.

Many of your "friends" are there, and I suspect you could also contribute to the information pool

Gary Fouse said...

Tyhanks. Will check it out.