Sunday, May 24, 2015

More Academic Insanity at Rutgers: Biker Gang Shoot-out is "Proof of White Privilege"

Hat tip Campus Reform

"According to Cooper, white people are more inclined to “insist that this was just an isolated incident” which demonstrates a “studied ignorance [in the sense that] people can look at this set of incidents and simply refuse to see all the ways in which white privilege is at play.”

If the biker massacre in Waco wasn't insane enough, we have a Rutgers University professor of Women, Gender and Africana Studies (Yes, that's right) named Brittney Cooper who is proclaiming that the incident is further proof of the latest academic fad, white privilege.

As I stated in the Salon reader thread, outlaw biker gangs are scum regardless of their race. Nobody is excusing this behavior just because the overwhelming majority of them are white. They are scum, pure and simple, guys in their 30s and 40s killing each other over their stupid colors. All they are is proof that each ethnic group has its bad elements. Once in my DEA career I viewed photos of a Pagans' initiation. It would make you sick to your stomach. Without going into graphic detail, imagine recycled beer and the proverbial sh-- sandwich. These are hardly  what you would call real men. 

But for Cooper to extrapolate this into a "white privilege" issue shows the insanity that reigns supreme on our college campuses including our most "prestigious". I also note that Rutgers has had more than its share of embarrassing incidents and professorial outbursts over the past few years including one by Ms Cooper just last month that adorned our pages.
I suggest Ms Cooper drop the racial angle. And drop this "white privilege" nonsense, as well. It no longer exists.

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How pathetic is it when you can't even get love from the readers of Al Jazeera? So now we are reduced to quantum physics. So now Mark is reduced to quoting crackpots like Jeff Halper. Just a few years ago another Israel-hating professor named Chuck O'Connell brought this boob to UC Irvine to talk to his students. I attended too and heard Halper talk about something called "spectral dust" (No not pixie dust- spectral dust.)


elwood p suggins said...

Not only are more and more professors apparently insane, the same seems to hold true for deans, college presidents, etc.

Last time I checked, the score was still Waco 9, biker scum 0.

elwood p suggins said...

P.S.--forgot to mention Waco 2, radical violent Islamists 0.

elwood p suggins said...

DUHHHHH!!!!! What is the matter with me, brain f--- I guess, of course I meant Garland, not Waco.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

elwood is geographically challenged, but at least he can count to 9.