Sunday, May 31, 2015

How the Jewish Federation of Orange County Treats Jewish Students at UCI Who Stand Up For Israel

Hat tip New English Review

If you are Jewish, living in Orange County, California, and believe all that tripe that the Jewish Federation and Family Services of OC supports Israel, you need to read this report by Jerry Gordon in the New English Review. Gordon has been following the situation at UC Irvine for several years. Not only does he support what I have been writing for years based on my own observations, this report contains interviews with the current president of the student group, Anteaters for Israel and a past member of AFI. It also contains previously published comments by Daniel Narvy, who was president of AFI last year. Narvy now serves in the Israeli army.

Reut Cohen is a friend of mine. I met her back in the days when she was still a student at UCI and trying to fight the good fight on behalf of Israel on campus. She does not hold fond memories of her days at UCI because of the travails she endured. When the Muslim Student Union was holding its annual week of anti-Israel events, Reut was there with an Israeli flag draped over her shoulders, taking the insults and getting her own camera shoved in her face. I was there too throwing hardball questions at the speakers like Amir Abdel Malik Ali. Meanwhile, the Jewish Federation types, the Hillel types, and Anti-Defamation League in Orange County types were there too, but they were just standing around silently taking it all in. They never said a peep. They never engaged the speakers in debates during the q and a. They never spoke out for Israel in the face of the slanders. That would have been "counter-productive" as the former head of Orange County Hillel told me last year.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Narvy last year when he was fighting against the Jewish establishment on behalf of Israel at UCI as described in the above link.

Just what is it that makes the leaders of the Jewish Federation and Hillel think that they can control Jewish students at UC Irvine? Who bestowed this authority upon them? I am not Jewish, so this isn't my problem, but whoever would have thought for a Gentile standing up for Israel and against anti-Semitism that one would make so many Jewish enemies? It has never ceased to amaze me.

As much as I detest Jewish Voice for Peace, at least they don't hide their pro-Palestinian sympathies and hatred for Israel-in spite of their grossly misleading name. On the other hand, J Street describes itself as "pro-Israel, pro-peace", which is a joke. They routinely support every pro-Palestinian measure that comes down the pike. Then you have this Jewish Federation of Orange County and Hillel of Orange County, which call themselves pro-Israel, but come down like a hammer on Jewish students at UC Irvine, like Sharon Shaoulian, Reut Cohen and Daniel Narvy, who want to take a stand.

I mean, who needs Students for Justice in Palestine when you have these organizations?

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