Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Holocaust Deniers in Academia

Hat tip Campus Watch

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Incredible as it seems, there is actually a professor at Lincoln University near Philadelphia, who is a Holocaust skeptic if not an outright denier. His name is Kaukab Siddique, and he is the subject of an article picked up this week by Campus Watch.

Here is what the Chronicle of Higher Education published about Siddique in 2010.

 “We can’t just sit back in judgment and say those guys were bad and we were the good guys,” he said. “I always try to look at both sides…. That’s part of being a professor.”

Well, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler will sure be glad to hear that.

Seriously though. How does one answer guys like Siddique? I could start by saying that I have personally visited Auschwitz. I could also throw in some of the newsreels showing the bodies found at concentration camps by allied forces. General Eisenhower, after personally seeing one himself, ordered that it be filmed so that future Kaukab Siddiques could not effectively deny it all happened.

But I think most effectively, how can this sorry excuse for a professor deal with the fact that Germany itself has owned up to it did under Hitler's rule? German schoolchildren are taught in details about their Nazi past so that it might not repeat itself. In fact, the commandant of Auschwitz himself, Rudolf Hoess, confessed his crimes and put it into what became a book before he was hanged. Maybe this esteemed scholar should pry himself away from the works of David Irving long enough to read it. The American version in English is called Death Dealer (Da Capo Press).

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