Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hillary and Sidney

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

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The latest disclosure about Hillary Clinton's e-mails while she was secretary of state gives us one more insight and warning about what a Clinton presidency would look like. While Libya was descending into chaos after the fall of Ghaddafi, guess who Hillary was getting inside information from. None other than Sid "Vicious" Blumenthal another one of the disreputable figures from the presidency of her husband. Think of it: While Hillary was ignoring requests for additional security at the US mission in Benghazi from the ambassador, she was listening to the sage advice of this former journalist and longtime Clinton hatchet man-who incidentally was trying to scrounge up business in Libya.

To quote Andrea Tantaros of Fox News, who asked whimsically:

"What could possibly go wrong?"

This is truly amazing. The day after the 9-11-12 attack at Benghazi, Blumenthal was sending Hillary a message that it was a protest over a video. The following day (September 13), he tells her it was a terror attack linked to al Qaeda. The next day, Hillary tells the families of the dead at Andrews Air Force Base that it was a video.

Back in the days when Bill Clinton was caught up in the Monica Lewinsky mess, it was people like Blumenthal who were working behind the scenes to defend him from the "nuts and sluts". They didn't call him "Sid Vicious" for nothing. In fact, the Obama administration had barred Hillary from bringing this guy into the State Department because during the 2008 Democratic primary, he had smeared Obama on behalf of Hillary. As things were, Sid found a spot in the notorious Clinton Foundation while pursuing business deals in Libya. Surely, Mr Blumenthal would not have been trying to use his relationship with the secretary of state to facilitate those business dealings.


And surely, Mrs. Clinton would never have allowed herself to be used by her longtime friend and associate in the Clinton Foundation in order to use her position to help Sid's business dealings.


That's why we need to get that private Clinton e-mail server that Hillary was running out of her Chappaqua, New York home, the one with all the deleted emails.

It might also be noted that Sid's son, Max, is also a journalist of sorts. In Max's case, he is an unhinged type, whose primary journalistic goal in life is to trash Israel. Last seen, he was storming through the Reichstag in Berlin a'la Marinus Van Der Lubbe upset that one of his anti-Israel speaking appearances had been cancelled in 2014.  At least Max didn't set the place on fire. (Then again, maybe Marinus didn't either.) In spite of his Jewish background, Max is a true Brownshirt in spirit.

But I digress.

At any rate, the Sid Blumenthal angle to the Clinton e-mails and Libya gives us yet another glimpse into the shady side of the Clintons. This is the type of an administration we can expect if Mrs. Clinton becomes president. How many scandals can you stomach, America?

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