Sunday, April 12, 2015

Joseph Massad Gets a Pass From His Peers at Columbia

Hat tip Campus Watch, Cornell Review, Cornell Sun and Frontpage Magazine.

Columbia University professor Joseph Massad has gotten a bit of attention at Cornell University this past week, Well, maybe not so much attention since he drew only about 35 people there for a talk.(I guess everybody else was busy forming pro-ISIS clubs on campus.)

Massad is symptomatic of the intellectual rot that infects Columbia, other Ivy League schools, and-what the Hell- university campuses across the nation. In Massad's case, the pro-Arab, anti-Israel narrative is completely dominant in academia.

I also note that Massad has a history of gay-bashing dressed up in fancy clothes called "pre-positional conjunctions".  

(Don't ask me. I'm an English teacher, and while I know what a conjunction is, I have no clue what that means. How about a post-positional verb?)

My friend and colleague, Eric Golub, caught the above act at UCLA a few years ago and wrote it up for Frontpage Magazine. I don't think Eric knows what it is either.

Massad has also drawn some recent attention at Columbia for berating a student who happened to be an ex-Israeli soldier. Of course, his peers in academia rode to his rescue after a complaint was filed. Academic freedom, you know.

"In one case, an Israeli student alleged that Massad acted inappropriately when the student attempted to ask him a question following a talk Massad gave on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that the student felt to be biased. According to the allegation in the committee’s report, when the student identified himself as a former Israeli soldier, Massad repeatedly asked him “How many Palestinians have you killed?”

I wonder if that Israeli student had the academic freedom to tell Massad he is full of duck manure. I sure would have-but then again, I am not a student.

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