Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another Jewish Student Grilled on Her Suitability to be in Student Senate: Stanford

The Students of Color Coalition

Molly Horwitz

 “Given your strong Jewish identity, how would you vote on divestment?”

Hat tip Algemeiner

We have previously written about a UCLA student who was questioned as to her ability to serve in student government because she was Jewish. Now Stanford University has seen a similar incident. Algemeiner has the report.

The Students of Color Coalition. (Jews need not apply.) Is that the modern-day answer to the old White Citizens Council? It sure sounds like it. How can Stanford allow such a student organization to exist on campus when it is clearly designed to separate people into two categories-white and non-white.

Here is their letter to the Stanford Review with a link back to the original campus paper report on the incident.

This is the new theme on campus these days, Folks. it is the demonization of all things white and Western. It is divisive, counterproductive and yes, racist.

And it is apparently anti-Semitic as well

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Squid said...

One wonders if "The Students of Color Coalition" would ask a Muslim: Given your strong Islamic identity, how would you vote for war against ISIS.