Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Salaita Continues His Victim Tour-Cal State Northridge

Hat tip Campus Watch and Sundial

Ex-Virginia Tech Professor Steven Salaita may not have a job, but he has a steady speaking gig on behalf of the left and the pro-Palestinian lobby in this country. Salaita, of course, was slated to become a professor at the University of Illinois until his comments about wishing for the disappearance of all (Israeli) settlers surfaced. This was in the context of the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers last year. (They were later found murdered.)  UI then rescinded his job offer.

In this latest stop on the victim tour, Salaita spoke at an event at California State University at Northridge that talked about university imperialism, colonialism, and other ridiculous topics. He was joined by two other professorial mad hatters who gave the students their daily dose of America-bashing.

I have a suggestion for Salaita: Why doesn't he fly off to Turkey where he can join that other unwanted clown, Norman Finkelstein at some obscure Turkish university? He can take the other two with him.

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