Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Pass the Bhong": At Stanford, "Academics" Discuss the "Connection" Between the Middle East and Ferguson

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Campus Watch

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Cinnamon Stillwell and Rima Greene have a humorous article on a recent panel discussion held at Stanford University in which the new academic rage-connections between the horrors going on in the Middle East and Ferguson-were discussed.

"[T]he torture information that came out of the U.S. Senate; what’s happening in Iraq and Syria; what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri and Long Island; events in Nigeria, and what happened in Paris most recently. . . . We wanted an occasion where we could draw the connections between these events."

Leland Stanford must be rolling over in his grave. This is a perfect example of the (convenient) marriage between the Middle Eastern academics and the far left academics-the perfect storm if you will. Everybody gets together and condemns the West for the horrific acts being committed by Muslims around the world. 

If Arabs are cutting peoples' heads off and burning them alive in the name of Islam in Iraq and Syria, it must be the fault of Israel, the US, and the West. Why, if it weren't for what happened to poor Michael Brown in Ferguson or Treyvon Martin in Florida, there would be no ISIS, nor would there be any Boko Haram murdering all those Christians in Nigeria and selling their little girls into sexual slavery. Nor would Muslims in Europe be rioting, burning cars and killing Jews.  It is all interconnected, you see?

Don't you?

Here is the scary part: Every future leader of the US-every future president (with the possible exception of Scott Walker) is walking through these hallowed Halls of Ivy as we speak. This is what they are learning at the hands of these thousands of misfit professors, most of whom couldn't get a job in the real world. This is why Scott Walker is looking more attractive to me every day (He never finished college; thus, he wasn't educated out of the last ounce of common sense he was born with.) 

So what's next, Stanford? How about a panel to discuss the Cambodian influence on German literature?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I hear the squad that killed Qaddafi when he put his hands up and said "Don't kill me, my son" has now been hired by the Ferguson police department, in the interest of diversity.

The local black population has not noticed an improvement in the attitude of police on the street as a result.