Monday, March 23, 2015

Norman Finkelstein Show Does a One-Night Stand in Wisconsin

Hat tip Campus Watch and Badger Herald

Discredited academic Norman Finkelstein must be on sabbatical from his teaching gig in Turkey because he showed up this month in Madison, Wisconsin, where he gave his dog and pony show against Israel.

And Norman hardly disappointed as he carried water for the Iranians, who, according to Norman, are under threat from Israel (at least their nuclear facilities are).

"He argued that because only 2 percent of the population is Jewish yet both Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania are 40 percent Jewish, they have become beneficiaries of reverse discrimination."

Sure you don't want to check those numbers, Norman?

Image result for man being thrown off pier
"Pier" review

And there was this:

"He compared Israel to Germany and Japan, which went from the most unfavorable impact ranking to two of the most favorable within less than a hundred years, citing a BBC poll."

Maybe "Darlin'" Norman thinks that Israel needs to share the fate of Germany and Japan in 1945-laid to waste and defeated. That is precisely what Iran promises to do to Israel with one important exception. Iran has no intention of rebuilding Israel.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is an example of Norman Finkelstein's "scholarship".

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