Friday, February 6, 2015

Names of "Muslim Leaders" Who Visited White House This Week Revealed

In the below link from Breitbart, we learn the names of the so-called Muslim leaders who visited the White House this week. Reportedly, the topic was how to counter "Islamophobia". One of the representiaves was from the Muslim Public Affairs Council, which is a Muslim Brotherhood front group. Another was from ISNA, another MB front group.

I will make one comment about one of the visitors, Sherman Jackson, who is a professor from USC. I saw him speak at Marymount University in April 2012 during a town hall event on sharia law. Jackson is one of those individuals who is determined to convince Americans that sharia law is compatible with US law (which it is not). In the below link I describe my comment to a panel, of which he was  part, on the Muslim persecution of non-Muslims around the world including persecution of Jews in Europe. Jackson dismissed my concerns as a "false criteria."

Amazing that this guy gets an audience with President Obama.

On second thought, it isn't so amazing after all.


Squid said...

Ah yes, Obama (“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”) meets with the MB but not the Prime Minister of Israel, when he comes to DC to address Congress about Iran's nuke capabilities and their new ICBM. Biden will be out of town that day as reported in the MSM.
One little nuke explosion above the U.S. will knockout our electrical grid and leave us open to a Russian/Chinese nuke attack. Also, remember that Obama wants to cut our nuke refurbish of the old missiles we have and the old attack/nuke missile subs that have aging hulls. But not to worry, Obama is going to struck a deal with Iran who wants us wiped out.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Sharia law is about as compatible with U.S. law as Kosher law... it all depends.