Sunday, January 11, 2015

CAIR's Hussam Ayloush Compares Jewish Americans Who Join IDF With Muslim Americans Who Join ISIS

Hussam Ayloush
Director of CAIR in Southern California

"You don't hear about countering violent extremism to deal with the thousands of Jewish-American kids who join the Israeli army killing the people of Gaza."

On January 9, I attended an event at the Islamic Center of Orange County that dealt with the threat of ISIS. As mentioned, one of the panelists was the CEO of CAIR in Southern California, Hussam Ayloush. During his remarks, he compared Jewish Americans who join the Israeli Defense Forces with Muslim Americans who have joined ISIS. He also asked how many "counter
violent extremism  programs exist in (Christian) churches".

I videotaped the event and  have transcribed his remarks below. Where certain words are unintelligible to me, I have indicated so. If any readers can make out what to me was unintelligible, I would appreciate it. Ayloush's remarks begin at the 8:58 mark.

".....I mean, there is a challenge when we trust law enforcement agencies with the affairs of our mosques in terms of religious ideology. There is no other religion like that, no other religious community like that.


...but on the issue of countering violent extremism (Unintelligible) the nature of when we accept this terminology  within our own community, there is no other community that has to deal with that.

You know, You don't hear about countering violent extremism to deal with the thousands of Jewish-American kids who join the Israeli army killing the people of Gaza.

When was the last time the DHS-the Dept. of Homeland Security- or the FBI approached the Jewish community to ask them to deal with this (trend?) Actually, there are many more Jewish Americans who have joined the Israeli army than there are Muslim Americans who join ISIS.

So let's talk about the Jewish American kids  who join the Jewish State before we talk about Muslim Americans who join the Islamic State. Neither one represents Judaism or Islam.

How many, how many  counter violent extremism, counter violent extremism  programs exist in the churches to deal with a lot of these Christian (unintelligible) groups that exist  (unintelligible)  with memberships in the hundreds of thousands? They don't.

It is an offense for Mr Ayloush to compare Jewish-American "kids" who join the IDF to defend Israel with American Muslims who join ISIS to commit unspeakable atrocities. He also made reference to Christian churches and their "violent extremists". (In other comments during the event there were references to the KKK.) I would like to ask what Christian churches/extremists in the US compare to ISIS? Not even the despicable Westboro Baptist Church comes close to that.

This is the kind of dissembling we are used to hearing from Mr Ayloush, a man who refuses to condemn Hamas and who has his picture taken with the Jew-hating, infidel-hating Muslim Brotherhood cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi-after Qaradawi was banned -with good reason-from entering the US.

Mr Ayloush: Do not compare Jews and Christians with ISIS.


Anonymous said...

Several years ago, I was in Portland, Oregon for business, when I saw poster advertising a Q and A session put on by local Muslim students at the Portland State University campus. Everyone was invited, and so I decided to go to the event.
The event started with a local Imam talking about the "glories" of the Religion of Peace, but things got interesting when the Imam spotted a young man in the audience who was recording his speech.
The speaker asked why the young man was filming his speech and the young man said it was for his own use. Then the speaker and a number of the attendees, began shouting at the young man, telling him that he must leave. Things got physical when some of the men (and couple of the women) began shoving the young man out of the room. They threatened to call the police, and did call campus security, who removed the young man from the building.
The speech resumed and I held up my hand to ask a question. I asked how they could so blatantly violate the man's civil rights by throwing him out of a venue that was open to the American public?
I was then told to leave and some of the men and women in the crowd turned toward me. I got the message - I would be physically removed if I decided to stay.
Repeated inquiries to Portland State University were in vain. No one at PSU would return my phone calls.
I hear from friends in the area, that PSU continues to hold Muslim student events, open to the public, on the PSU campus.

Gary Fouse said...


The man should have filed a law suit against the university. I can't speak for Oregon, but in California if it is a public event at a public venue the public has a right to videotape.

last year I was prevented from videotaping at UC Irvine when the MSU called the campus cops. I followed the cops directions but complained afterwards. The UCI PD apologized to me within days and assured me I have the right to film.

That incident followed several in which the MSU tried to keep me from filming. I refused to back down unless the cops told me not to. We have to be firm and know our rights.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Fouse for your bravery in the apathetically cowardly "free" world. Your treatment at the hands of the UCPD at UCI is shocking considering your background and occupation.

Gary Fouse said...

Thank you your kind comment. Comments like these make it all worth while. I don't know if you are up to date on that incident, but the UCIPD has apologized to me and admitted the officers erred in not allowing me to videotape. I have been assured that I will be allowed to videotape at future events.