Monday, January 26, 2015

American Middle East Studies Professors Paint European Muslims as Victims

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Middle East Studies-Producing tomorrow's indoctrinators

Cinnamon Stillwell, writing in Frontpage Magazine, has collected an "all-star" list of comments by various US Middle East Studies professors on the Charlie Hebdo issue in the wake of the Paris attacks. Note that the status of victimhood is placed on European Muslims.

If European Muslims are "under siege" as one professor put it, they have a strange way of showing it. Seems to me they are plainly the aggressors. And what pogroms have been carried out against French Muslims?

That is the kind of "scholarship' that reigns supreme on US university campuses especially when it comes to Middle East issues, where only one side is ever presented.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Although the professors are rather silly, lashing out violently is not an unknown reaction to being "under siege." In fact, it is rather common.

elwood p suggins said...

Siarlys has returned, and with a vengeance, going back essentially to the egg in the "dead-letter" files. A week or two ago it dawned on me that he had been absent for quite a long while, and I even asked Gary if he knew anything.

Since Siarlys so rarely gets it right, he and I are seldom in agreement on anything, but I do sometimes praise him by comparing him to the blind hog who very occasionally manages to find an acorn or two. I do enjoy crossing swords with him. Welcome back.

And I would hotly contest his assertion that I libeled him relative to his accusing me of racism. It has been a fairly long time ago, such that I can't find the actual posts we both did, but I do recall that we were discussing something racial.

He essentially DID accuse me of being a racist by stating I was "protesting too much" about not being one, which established an exceedingly strong implication/inference that I was. To say it was not an essential accusation is to gag at gnats and pick at nits.

He should know by now that I am quite the sensitive person, and since I almost wept over that exchange, I remember it well.

Findalis said...

I can't wait until the last Jew leaves Europe and the Christians find themselves on the receiving end of the Muslim hatred.

Getting the popcorn ready to eat.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

We have discussed many things racial, elwood. But you are indulging in anxiety closet paranoia if you insist that I have ever called you a racist. I may, possibly, have gently suggested that a specific remark you made had overtones of racism in it, but I doubt even that until you produce it.

I have used the phrase "you doth protest too much" rather often, and may have directed it at you. If so, you should ask yourself why you feel the need to announce so fervently that you are not... whatever. Remember how it came across when Nixon said "I am not a crook"? Or when Clinton said "I did not have sex with that woman"?

I do realize that you are a sensitive person elwood, and I will try not to make you cry.

Findalis... eat all the popcorn you want, but don't hold your breath.