Friday, December 12, 2014

Another Academic Laffer

Hat tip Campus Watch and Frontpage Magazine

Frontpage Magazine and Campus Watch are running a piece on UC Irvine Professor Mark "Don't call me Israel" LeVine. It features what is reportedly a rant by LeVine on his Facebook page directed at pro-Israel supporters in academia, mostly directed at  Cary Nelson, a past president of the Association of American University Professors. Reader warning: Very naughty language.

"[P]eople like Carey Nelson and other “machers” [Yiddish for a self-important person] in the American Jewish community get up in arms about BDS [boycott, divestment, sanctions]. Well, Cary Nelson and the rest of you: F— you. Call me uncivil, but still, f— you. F— all of you who want to make arguments about civility and how Israel wants peace when this is what Israel does, it’s “mowing the lawn” and “defending” freedom. This is, in no uncertain terms, genocide. If you want to argue about it, come to Gaza with me. Come look at Palestinians in the eye and talk about how uncivil Steven Salaita is and how you are in fact a “critic” of Israel. There is only one criticism of Israel that is relevant: It is a state grown, funded, and feeding off the destruction of another people. It is not legitimate. It must be dismantled, the same way that the other racist, psychopathic states across the region must be dismantled. And everyone who enables it is morally complicit in its crimes, including you."

What do you think?

And this is the guy who told me that if I ever called him anti-Israel again, I would have a problem??!!

There must be a mistake.

Mark, if you are reading this, please tell us that you didn't say that. I will happily post your denial.


Squid said...

No doubt about it, in my opinion, LeVine is an anti-Semite. He posted it on his Facebook page for all to see. He cannot help himself. He looses control and exposes himself for what he is, an anti-Semite.
I hope that all the Jewish students on the UCI campus know about him, so they can avoid his classes, as UCI Administration do nothing about counseling him about his Facebook posts and how it effects his curriculum delivery in the classroom.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

The calm, modest, cogent nature of LeVine's remarks, the confidence that facts will prove him right without any need for intemperate language, and his selfless commitment to a coherent dialog, is particularly noteworthy.

(Yes, Findalis, I'm being sarcastic.)