Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Steven Salaita- The Left's New Martyr

Hat tip Commentary Magazine and Campus Watch

Hell hath no fury like a professor scorned-in this case, Steven Salaita who finds himself out of a job since the University of Illinois rescinded its job offer to him over some intemperate tweets about Israelis going missing in the wake of the kidnap and subsequent murder of three Israel teenagers. Salaita has been awarded martyr status by the academic Israel-hating left who received him warmly at recent confab. Martin Kramer has the report.

"To spice it up, there was someone who’s cannon is almost as loose as Salaita’s: Lisa Hajjar, University of California at Santa Barbara, an agitprof right out of a campus novel." 

Lisa Hajjar? Where do I know that name from?

Oh yeah. She's that professor up at UC Skate Board (UC Santa Barbara). She was the one who told my Jewish friend Eric Golub at a "seminar" at UCLA a few years back that he "had his Zionist hat screwed on way too tight". (Eric always wears fedoras.)

What a masked ball that MESA convention must have been.

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