Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Did Georgetown Conference Unwittingly Reveal an Inconvenient Truth?

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Campus Watch

An article in Jihad Watch by Andrew Harrod covers a recent panel at Georgetown University's Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. It featured some pretty alarming talk about ISIS, its goal of an Islamic caliphate, and the support that a caliphate reportedly enjoys among many modern Muslims.

"Sonn’s protestations notwithstanding, her fellow panelists unwittingly exposed the longstanding caliphate visions anchored in Islamic canons to which ISIS has pledged allegiance. The panel also revealed that there is an abundance of support for ISIS from Muslims worldwide, demonstrating that, for many Muslims, there is nothing confusing about ISIS. The analysis of ISIS’s governance, meanwhile, indicated that this brutal movement cannot simply be written off as crazy and raised doubts about hastily considered Middle East democracy promotion. Ultimately, the panelists offered nothing to blunt Islam’s often dangerous political edge."

It is also noted that the founder and director of the center is none other than noted Islamist apologist Professor John Esposito. The center is named after Saudi investor and billionaire and member of the Saudi royal family, Alwaleed bin Talal. He's the man who gave a check for ten million dollars to New York City after the 9-11 attacks, a check that was returned by then Mayor Rudy Giuliani when Alwaleed accompanied it with statements critical of the US foreign policy in the Middle East.

"Immediately after the September 11 attacks, Al-Waleed gave a cheque for $10 million to New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He publicized a written statement upon his donation, stating, "At times like this, we must address some of the issues that led to such a criminal attack. I believe the government of the United States of America should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stance toward the Palestinian cause." As a result of his statement, Giuliani returned the cheque.[38][39]
Al-Waleed spoke to a Saudi weekly magazine regarding the rejection of his cheque by the mayor: "The whole issue is that I spoke about their position [on the Middle East conflict] and they didn’t like it because there are Jewish pressures and they are afraid of them."[40]

Maybe that's why the center says nothing about Muslim-Christian-Jewish understanding.
At any rate, if these panelists can be taken at their word, perhaps they unwittingly revealed something that would lead many to question why the West is allowing Islamic immigration to continue. America as apart of a world-wide Islamic caliphate? No thank you.

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