Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Leftists Try to Stop Videotaping at Portland State University

Hat tip Campus Reform

On June 12, a small group of Socialists held an open meeting at Portland State University in order to bash Capitalism. A conservative blogger, Dan Sandini of  Daylight Disinfectant, decided to attend and videotape the event, which he was legally entitled to do given that it was an open event at a public university. The organizers of the event thought otherwise and called the campus cops. In this case, the cops rightfully told the blogger and the Socialists that videotaping was permissible as long as he didn't disrupt the event. That didn't satisfy the lefties. Campus Reform has the report and a video of what transpired. You really need to watch this video to see how the little rascals (and a couple of supposed adults) behave.

This, of course, brings to mind my own experiences at UC Irvine, where the Muslim Student Union has attempted to prevent me from videotaping their anti-Israel events for a couple of years now. The last time, the UCIPD backed them up, and I had to shut down my camera. When I complained after the fact, the UCIPD acknowledged I was correct, the officers had erred, and apologized.

Since then I have sent a letter to the UC Irvine dean of student affairs and the director of  Campus Event Services suggesting that all campus organizations holding public events be advised that videotaping is permissible under UC Irvine policy and that signs be posted to that effect at the door in order to prevent any future confrontations or incidents.

I have received no reply to that letter. Oh, well.

In anticipation of future similar events at UC Irvine, which I intend to videotape, I am sending this video (in the form of this post) to the aforementioned offices at UCI. As I have said before, this should not even be an issue of this or that university's policy. It should be a matter of law, and if necessary, should be enforced by the courts. At this point, it appears that UCI is doing the right thing as is PSU. At UC San Diego, on the other hand, the administration and campus police have taken the side of the Muslim Students Association and have enforced a ban on videotaping. In my opinion, the affected persons at UCSD should get the attorneys involved the next time it happens.

Kudos to Mr Sandini. Not only did he stand his ground, he effectively exposed the far left for what it is.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Reminds me once again of "Left Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder." Who wrote the book? You get two guesses, as my late aunt used to say. The first one doesn't count.

If these self-styled socialists had anything to say and knew how to say it, they would have welcomed the publicity.