Sunday, February 23, 2014

Obama's Refugee Policy: "Minor" Terror Supporters OK-Persecuted Christians Need Not Apply

Hat tip and Creeping Sharia

"Yet the State Department has rejected virtually all of the 20,000 asylum applications from Coptic Christians trying to escape Egypt since the toppling of its pro-American regime.

Meanwhile, it's welcoming terrorist supporters pushed out by Cairo's renewed military crackdown on the Brotherhood."

The below editorial by paints a troubling picture of President Obama's refugee policy. While turning a blind eye to terrorist connections for some, persecuted Christians in the Middle East are being rejected."

While I am not yet ready to join the conspiracy theorists who say Obama is a secret Muslim, I do believe that the President sympathizes with the designs and objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood to prevail in Egypt and to spread its tentacles throughout the Middle East and beyond. There is no other conclusion that makes sense. Meanwhile, he turns a blind eye to the horrific persecution of religious minorities that occur throughout the Islamic world. This is a foreign policy that not only lacks any strength, but lacks morality as well.

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