Monday, February 24, 2014

Hussam Ayloush Accusing Israel of "Waging War" on Africans

Hussam Ayloush, the CEO of CAIR's Southern California region has tweeted his followers a hit piece video against Israel by David Sheen and Max Blumenthal. The video, which is running on the pro-Palestinian blog, Mondoweiss, accuses Israel of persecuting tens of thousands of sub Saharan Africans who have flooded into the country illegally. Using sinister background music and carefully selected clips of certain Israeli hotheads calling for deportation of the illegals or verbally attacking them, the video ignores the fact that the country is being flooded with illegals, much as is the case with European countries like Greece, Italy and Spain. It also conveniently ignores the fact that these migrants choose Israel as opposed to say, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, or other neighboring countries, where they know they would be dealt much more harshly and summarily.

The producers of the video, Sheen and Blumenthal, are both full-time Israel bashers. Sheen was born in Canada, immigrated to Israel, and this is how he repays his adopted country.

This is nothing new for the two-faced Ayloush, a man who told an interviewer on camera at the CAIR convention in Anaheim last November that his organization does not get dragged into Middle Eastern affairs.

Not much.

As head of the LA chapter of the Syrian American Council, Ayloush actively campaigns and makes speeches urging US intervention in Syria on the side of the rebels. As head of CAIR's LA chapter, he often finds time to campaign against Israel. Like the time in 2002 this self-proclaimed human rights activist spoke at an anti-Israel protest in front of the Israeli consulate in LA as members of UCLA's Muslim Student Association were reportedly chanting, "Death to Israel. Death to Jews".

Make no mistake: Israel should deal with this problem in a humane manner, but I have much more faith in Israel to do so than I do her neighbors. As for the likes of Ayloush, I suspect he cares more about finding an excuse to demonize Israel for trying to maintain its sovereignty than he cares about the plight of the Africans.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Oh, there are plenty like them in Egypt, Libya, and trying to get into Saudi Arabia... all of which try to deport them, same as Israel.

But if they're being attracted to Israel is such a plus, maybe its not entirely wrong to migrate to where you can find peace and a good living?