Friday, February 28, 2014

Child Sexual Grooming in UK

Hat  tip Vlad Tepes

In the below video Gavin Boby is interviewed by Sun News about the widespread practice of child sexual grooming in the UK. (Yes, it is widespread. There have been numerous prosecutions across the UK and an estimated 10,000 victims.) It involves organized gangs of men who prey on young white British girls, forcing them into prostitution. In 91% of the cases, the perpetrators are Muslim men. The below video is shocking. Sorry, Folks, but these are facts. Argue with them  if you will.

And why is it that 75% of the mosques asked to issue a condemnation of the practice from the pulpit refused?

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Miggie said...

What a devastating report!

I'm amazed that the Brits don't rise up in richeous indignation and put a stop to it. These girls must have male relatives. Where are they?

There is a very sick part of this religion that has to do with sex. Young men don't see other young girls in "normal" clothing. I imagine every time they see one in the street they think she must be a whore or asking for sex so they feel justified if they rape her.

The fact that it is not condemned in their mosques means that the whole issue is ingrained in the culture and religion.

Unless and until the Muslims have a reformation in their own religion, they are going to be reviled by the rest of the world for all their institutionalized brutality.