Monday, December 30, 2013

Update on Universities/Organizations Condemning ASA Resolution

Hat tip Miggie and AMCHA Initiative

Here is the AMCHA Initiative's update on responses to the resolution of the American Studies Assocaition calling for a boycott against Israeli academia.

I note that no chapters of the Jewish Federation are on that list. I am not surprised.

In addition, if you are in the Santa Cruz area, my friend Tammi Benjamin of the AMCHA Initiative will be interviewed on the Ethan Bearman Show KSCO 1080 am at noon today. The topic will be campus anti-Semitism. I will try to pick it up online.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Chapters of the Jewish Federation are not academic organizations, are they? So what would they have to do with an academic boycott of anyone, whether Israel, or China?

One of the great flaws of American culture is expecting everyone to sound off on every Great Issue. E.g., the President of the United States has no constitutional authority pertaining to marriage, so why should ANY president sound off on the subject? Don't they have work to do (GWB and BHO both)? I mean, work on matters that the constitution DOES entrust to the president?

And in the same spirit, why should the Jewish Federation take a position on an academic boycott that will not be more or less effective based on whether the Jewish Federation says yea or nay?

Gary Fouse said...

Well Siarlys, in the case of Orange County, the Jewish Federation is heavily involved in what goes on at the UCI campus. They fund the Rose Project, which provides funding for Jewish students to go on Olive Tree Initiative trips. As I say over and over, the OTI is a fig leaf designed to sway students to the palestinian narrative using ISM operatives as tour guides while pretending to be balanced. In addition, the Federation has been an obstacle to our efforts to educate the local Jewish community about anti-Semitism on campus. I will be happy to debate this point with you, but I suggest you go back over my numerous postings on the Federation.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

You can be so transparent sometimes Gary. It does spoil your argument.

Since the Jewish Federation funds the Rose Project, which provides funding for the Olive Tree Initiative, they certainly have a track record inconsistent with a boycott of Israel. Why, they send students there, every year.

Whether or not the Federation is "an obstacle" to your good Christian efforts to "educate the local Jewish community" about "anti-Semitism on campus," is neither hear nor there as to their influence over an ACADEMIC boycott of Israel.

It sounds like as Jewish people who live in the surrounding community, they offer a different perspective than you as to what is happening on campus, so when you go off campus to educated the poor ignorant Jews as to what is happening on campus, you find people have been exposed to a competing Party Line. So what?