Monday, December 30, 2013

The Volgograd Attacks

Tip of the hat to Vlad Tepes, Chris and the Siberian Times
No tip of the Hat to the LA Times

Note: Graphic images

Stalingrad then-Volgograd now: Note the iconic sculpture in front of the train station

Siberian woman alleged to be 'black widow' suicide bomber in terrorist strike in Volgograd 
-Siberian Times

The Russian city of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) has been hit by two suicide bombings in less than two days with over 30 dead. Ironically, it seems we get more details on the perpetrators from a Russian newspaper than we can from the LA Times.,0,6572881.story#axzz2oyJM6R6x

Here is the Russian report which identifies the train station bomber.

Oksana Aslanova

What the LA Times seems reluctant to tell its readers is that the Volgograd attacks are Islamic. We are talking about the same region of Russia, the North Caucasus, that gave us the Brothers Tsarnaev, and which has just given Russia the Volgograd attacks.

From Vlad Tepes: Video images of the train station attack (graphic)

It is beyond shameful that Western media like the LA Times will not inform its readers about where the terror threat is coming from. If the public is not informed, how can they protect themselves? If we cannot identify the threat, how can we ever defeat it?


Findalis said...

And we call it the Religion of Peace why?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Ironically, it seems we get more details on the perpetrators from a Russian newspaper than we can from the LA Times.

Well, it did happen in Russia. Duh-uh.

(Findalis, didn't Hillel belong to the same faith as those who massacred the Amalekites? That's a bad analogy, since there are credible arguments that the Amelekites really had to be exterminated for the safety of everyone else, but where do we draw the line? Remember all the Jews executed by the Maccabees for being insufficiently enthusiastic about the fight for independence?)

Findalis said...

Since when is Judaism labeled The Religion of Peace? Maybe the Israelis should remember that and wipe out the Fakistinians. After all they are already being blamed for their genocide by you on the left.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What "left"?

Anyone who forgets that Lenin endorsed the Balfour Declaration, and warned "Beware of a pan-Islamic movement masquerading as a national liberation front" might possibly call themselves radical, but they cannot with any integrity call themselves "left."

Ah, Judaism is NOT the religion of peace. Then why should the Muslims be?