Thursday, December 26, 2013

Russians Say No Evidence Arafat Was Poisoned

Another defeat for the conspiracy theorists. Russian experts who took samples from the corpse of Yasser Arafat say there is insufficient evidence that the dead terrorist died from polonium poisoning.

Of course, this will not deter the Palestinian flat-earthers who will continue to propagate the theory that their hero was poisoned by-or on the orders of- the Israelis.

As if anyone should care.

Thus far, Arafat's rich widow has a cautious opinion from the Swiss vs two negative opinions from the French and Russians. I'll go with the Russians. After all, they know a thing or two about corpses.

"That's right. Hey! Can somebody loosen this tie?"

Oh yeah. There's some professor up at UC Berkeley that is sure it was poisoning and the Israelis were behind it.

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