Sunday, December 29, 2013

Russia Hit by Suicide Bomber

The southern Russian city of Volgograd, formerly known as Stalingrad, the site of a famous World War II battle was hit by a suicide bomber.

Hopefully, this tragedy will bring Russia and the US closer together in the war on terror.


Miggie said...

Wonder why there is no BDS campaign against these guys in colleges or in countries around the world? I suppose these recurring suicide bombers are not as big a deal as building a few apartment buildings on historically Jewish land that is disputed... Not in any sense "occupied" no matter how often we characterize it like that over here.

Russia has a history of dealing a lot more aggressively with terrorists. Someone like the captured Boston bomber would be very lucky to make it back to the Police Station much less having his rights read to him..

Miggie said...

I think we are de facto allies with the Russians on this now. We should cooperate with them as much as possible, as we did in WWll

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Did Gary just nominate Vladimir Putin as the Leader of the Free World?

Gary Fouse said...

Somebody may as well fill the job. It's currently vacant.

Miggie said...

Here is the key factor in the story:

"The Muslim convert posted a video on Youtube saying that he was following God's will, that he would not turn back and that he working to earn a place in heaven."

As long as there are 100 million or more Muslims worldwide believing this primitive and barbaric notion to some extent, there will be no peace. There won't even be a humanizing reduction of random attacks like this.

Once the cause of the problem is understood, we can experiment with strategies to defeat it... but we must acknowledge the real problem.

It is not land or refugees or poverty or ignorance or anything else and all efforts to appease in these ways will not work.

This guy wanted to please God and earn a place in heaven! ... by killing people... Muslim and non-Muslim alike (he didn't check first). As starters, the Religion has to change. Not just criticizing this attack but actually taking that part out of the Koran and out of the central tenants of the religion. I think only Muslims can do that.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

(I thought you had appointed France to fill the vacancy).

Where were you when Uncle Joe was willing to accept the position?