Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Struggle for Tennessee

Hat tip Janet

It is no accident that much of the recent events in the counter-jihad struggle have been located in Tennessee, which on the surface, seems an unlikely place. Most recently, we watched the recent public event near Knoxville involving the US for the Eastern District Tennessee, Bill Killian and and FBI agent-in-charge for Knoxville, Ken Moore. There has also been the Mufreesboro mega-mosque controversy.

I am not familiar with the Bradley County News and not aware or up to speed on the litany of events described in this article, which focuses on the current Republican governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslams. This article merits a look, however.

One of the nation's leading experts on the US-based jihad is Bill Warner of the site, Political Islam (see link on this site), who is based in Tennessee. According to Warner, it is no accident that his state has been in the center of so many struggles between the Islamists and the counter-jihadists. The Islamists feel, according to Warner, that since Tennessee is in the heart of the conservative Bible Belt, if this state can be conquered, any other state will be easy. It makes sense.

Tennessee is worth following. The reaction of the public at the talks by Killian and Moore show that the state has plenty of folks who are aware of the threat and will not submit-even if their public leaders will.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I grew up on jokes about the John Birch Society. This silly news sheet you link to is beyond laughable.