Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Video From Tennessee Free Speech Meeting

Hat tip The Blaze

The Blaze has posted about 42 minutes of the meeting June 4 in Manchester, Tennessee, which featured Bill Killian, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee and Ken Moore, the FBI Special Agent-in charge of the Knoxville office. The topic was, "Public Discourse in a Diverse Society". It was sponsored by the American Muslim Advisory Council in Tennessee. The below tape does not contain Killian's remarks.

My initial reaction is that I did not hear the burning question surrounding this meeting answered. Mr Killian had recently implied that certain expressions against Islam or Muslims could be a violation of the law. I know Killian referred to 18 USC 241 in his speech.

Moore's speech was pretty much standard fare about the responsibilities of the FBI and did not go into any detail. A female member of the American Muslim Advisory Council gave the standard fare about Muslims in America which you hear at interfaith meetings.

Of course, the most notable feature of the video is that there was constant heckling and cat-calls from the audience.

I am still trying to dig up Killian's words. As for the gentleman from Pakistan who responded to a question about religious persecution in Muslim lands, he gave a totally misleading answer in describing his attendance at a Catholic school in Pakistan.

As far as the crowd was concerned, while I applaud Pam Geller and Robert Spencer for getting hundreds of people to attend, I fear that this video will only hand a propaganda victory to the CAIR types. A few selected questioners could have brought out facts that AMAC would rather not have aired in response.  Without hearing what Killian said, he could have been put on the spot as to what limits he would put on free speech on this issue.

The crowd did accomplish one thing: They sent an unmistakable message.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

The crowd did accomplish one thing: They sent an unmistakable message.

Oh? What would that be?

Gary Fouse said...


Is that a rethorical question? What kind of impression did you get?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I got no impression of any coherent message whatsoever.

Further, in light of your own protestations that you love all the good Muslims of the world (which I take at face value as good intention, even if not particularly consistent with your general line of attack), I'm not sure what you find praiseworthy in a big turnout to support a general call to shoot Muslims on sight (which is what the posting in contention did).

But this seems more like a crowd of people who don't know what they're heckling but are certain they object to whatever it is.

Finally, it is rather rare for any large assembly of people to send any single "unmistakable" message.

So what "unmistakable" message did you see? That several hundred people in Tennessee will show up to evidence that they don't like Muslims? That they don't like the federal government, no matter what it may be doing at the moment? That they want to be on TV and can't afford to go to New York to be on "Good Morning America"?