Thursday, December 13, 2012

California State University Appoints WHO to Battle Anti-Semitism on Campus?

Hat tip Campus Watch and Frontpage Magazine

This one takes the cake. The California State University system has appointed a rabidly anti-Israeli professor from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to be a member on a committee dealing with campus anti-Semitsm.

Meet Manzar Faroohar.

As Lee Kaplan points out in the article, Faroohar's task will be to separate anti-Semitism from the anti-Zionist issue. Of course, she will be flying in the face of the Hamas charter, which explicitly states that the last Jew must be driven out of "Palestine".

This is a blatant insult to every Jew associated with CSU either as student or teacher.


Findalis said...

Appointing Manzar Faroohar to this position would be like appointing Adolf Hitler to head the B'nai B'rith.

Squid said...

Very well stated Findalis!!!