Thursday, June 28, 2012

Watching Democrats Invoke the Name of Brian Terry Today

As I watch the contempt proceedings against Attorney General Eric Holder today, I am repulsed by the number of Democrats invoking the name of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. It makes me want to vomit as they continue to defend Holder and Obama in Fast and Furious. "It's all a witch hunt". "It is all politics".

Disgusting. They care nothing about Brian Terry, his family, or Jaime Zapata and his family. The only care about protecting their president and their attorney general. As I write Gerald Connolly, Democrat of Virginia is repeating the canard that ATF street agents in Arizona created the gunrunning. Disgusting.


Squid said...

I too had a strong sense of reverse peristalsis when I heard the Dems profaning themselves in the House. It is clear that Holder, the first AG to be held in contempt, is involved in obstruction of justice. The many Dems that are elected to do a job in the House, walked out prior to the vote. I recognized Maxine Waters, who is going to face ethics charges, the incoherent Pelosi, and Jackson-Lee. Shame on them for participating in this obstruction of justice.
Later, the contemptible Holder gave a speech claiming that he is doing a good job on the U.S. border (I vomited again), and has worked to protect America from another 911. So, does one feel protected from the New Black Panther Party that just came out saying that they want to kill "Pink Asses", the Muslim Brotherhood not being prosecuted for the Holyland Foundation financial support of terrorists, withholding valuable ID resources from Arizona's border, where OTMs can more easily cross the border and attack Americans on our own soil.
Remember this contempt for justice for all when you visit the polling places in November.


Gary Fouse said...

Priceless when old John Dingell from Terry's home state of Michigan began talking about his support of the Terry family and Issa read statements from the Terry family refuting him. Terry's sister actually wrote to Dingell's office requesting a meeting and it was never answered. John Dingell should be ashamed of himself.

Miggie said...

The Dems don't have a debate point to make. All they can do, all they ever do, and all they can do is to demagogue.

None of their foreign or domestic policies have worked ... our jobless rate is 8.2%(!) ... half the college seniors can't get jobs... we are trillions more in debt... and they are trying to emulate failing socialist European state. I just hope there are enough sane people left who will vote out Obama and the other Dems in Congress.