Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Murfreesboro Mosque Issue Heats Up-Especially for the School Board

Hat tip to Mosque for the below-referenced leaked documents.

As the on-going storm over construction of a 53,000 sq ft mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee continues, the local school board is now on the hot spot. Below is a document reportedly sent by the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to the Murfreesboro School Board with guidelines on how teachers should treat Muslim students.*NKB7MZFj*LkZwY4DnPhVFX8t1Ey-e3VebAoZZcIIbM-bT7PvNnN*VrmqtgNivR0esy-WQ__/teachers_guide1.pdf

The above document was initially leaked by documentary film maker Eric Allen Bell via the below article:

Just in the past few days, Bell also discussed this document with a major Nashville morning talk show and sent the "teacher's guide" to all the local media. It was mostly ignored. However, one DJ, Michael DelGiorno, read the document over the radio.

When conservative media began calling the school board for comment, the board reportedly denied having received any such document. Bell then released an e-mail showing that the school board was in contact with their attorney and the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro itself by phone and by e-mail.  DelGiorno read the e-mail on the air and posted it on his Facebook page.
Photo: Letter from ICM to Rutherford Co School Board attorney


As of today the school  board is being inundated with e-mails from angry parents objecting to the special privileges for Muslim students. This evening, the board is understandably in an emergency session.

The entire 5-page document sent to the school board will be posted next month by the paper with the largest circulation in the area of the Islamic Center.


Miggie said...

It is bizarre that any town in America allows this kind of take-over.

They act like conquerors who can dominate the culture instead of immigrants that ought to be thankful that they got into the US.

We HAVE to elect a new president who is not so partial to Muslims in all regards. They would never take such liberties and make such attempts at takeover unless they had some assurance that, for some reason, they would not be treated like every other minority.

Mary Michaels said...

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What special privileges? There appear to be none listed, suggested, requested, or implemented.

The only special privilege I could imagine would be allowing Muslim children to exit the classroom at specified times of day for prayers. As it happens, Roman Catholic and Protestant churches have already secured a Supreme Court ruling upholding such a practice as constitutional (Zorach v. Clauson).

But even that isn't mentioned in this letter.