Saturday, June 30, 2012

International Diplomats Flailing Away on Syria

Ban Ki-Moon, Kofi Annan and Lady Ashton looking to Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov for guidance

The three stooges trying to deal with Moscow on Syria

A picture says a thousand words. Russia telling the three stooges that Bashar Assad can still play a role in any future Syrian government. And Hillary Clinton begging the Russians and Chinese to tell Assad that "the handwriting is on the wall."


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Oh, I think I've got it... Gary wants the Secretary of State to put a pistol in her purse, take it to the next international conference, and shoot the Russian ambassador...

Miggie said...

The real problem is that the Syrians owe the Russians billions from prior arms sales. Russia is not going to walk away from that and the US will probably agree to get stuck with paying for the weapons that Assad used to kill his people.... just like we paid for the guns that "walked" to Mexico.

There once was a day, long ago, when the US was a powerful nation. Other nations carefully considered what the American response could be in their foreign policy calculations.

Now that we "lead from behind" and slash our military budget before anything else and are not exceptional in any way (according to our current president) we have a world full of equally capable countries that vie with each other. It is another Obama policy that is doomed to disaster.

The election can't come soon enough for so many reasons.