Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fast and Furious: Retaliation and Talking Points

Hat tip Hot Air

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air  has written a great article on the latest revelations coming out of Fast and Furious in the wake of Contempt proceedings against Eric Holder. Now we hear that there were discussions of retaliation against ATF whistle blowers and e-mails going out with talking points on how to respond to questions from the media. Pay special attention to the attachments. You will note that in January 2011, there are discussions on how to respond to allegations that ATF agents were allowing guns to "walk" into Mexico and that one of these guns was used to kill Border Patrol agent Brian Terry (December 2010). One of the people involved in these e-mails was Ron Welch, a high-ranking DOJ official and the one who wrote the letter to Senator Charles Grassley in February 2011 denying that ATF allowed guns to "walk" into Mexico. This letter stood uncorrected until December 2011. It is the correspondence between these dates that is under House subpoena.

Just a side note for the record. Last night, I watched Laura Ingraham on Fox engage in a debate over Fast and Furious with Geraldo Rivera. While Ingraham maintained her calm and made Geraldo look like a petulant schoolboy, Rivera grew visibly angry, raised his voice and repeated the canard that Fast and Furious was concocted by ATF agents in Arizona. He is repeating the lie that the DOJ is using to throw street agents under the bus as they scramble like cockroaches when the kitchen light is turned on.

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