Friday, June 29, 2012

California Teachers Union and Democrats Defeat Bill to Protect Schoolchildren from Sex Abuse by Teachers

Leave it to the California Teachers Union to defeat a bill to protect schoolchildren from teachers who are sexual predators. After the recent arrest of Mark Berndt for feeding his students cookies laced with his own semen, State Senator Alex Padilla, a Democrat, submitted a bill to make it easier to fire such teachers. It passed the Senate in Sacramento, but when it went to the Assembly, the CTA put pressure on the Democrats. Only one Democrat on the committee voted for it. Thus, it failed.

This is an illustration of the problem we face. As we speak, the LAUSD, one of the worst school districts in the nation, has numerous teachers who have had to be pulled from the classroom. Firing them is akin to getting a death row inmate executed in California. Meanwhile, these duds report to a building downtown and spend their days surfing the web or reading while getting paid until the city can figure out what to do with them. (Berndt resigned.)

Way to go CTA! Keep protecting those molesters.


Squid said...

Your piece points out how sick and perverted the CTA leadership has become by supporting sexual deviate teachers who pray upon innocent, underage school children, who are mandated to attend school. In essence, the children are forced to be exposed to these sexual predators. This issue has been going on for a long time and CTA would rather sweep it under the rug than cast the perverted out of the union.


Findalis said...

Protect pedophiles as long as they are union members? How much longer are the parents going to take this before they pull their children out of school and home school?

This is a great reason to go to vouchers.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

When a law makes it PROCEDURALLY "easier to prosecute molesters" it generally also makes it easier to prosecute innocents for false accusations. That is the nature of legal procedure.