Thursday, February 9, 2012

Updates on Miramonte School Scandal in Los Angeles

At this point, there are two Miramonte Elementary School (S Los Angeles ) teachers charged with child molestation. In an "unprecedented" move, the LA Unified School District has re-assigned (at least during the investigation) the entire faculty and staff of the school and brought in replacements.

In yet another shocking allegation, one of the lawyers for a pupil's family has stated that he has given police the name of a female teacher whose class was adjacent to Mark Berndt's (one of the charged teachers), and who allegedly allowed Berndt to take female pupils from her class into his own "to give them cookies". This is still under investigation.

As expected, the California Teachers union has jumped in to defend those other teachers who are being re-assigned. Some parents and children joined in a protest yesterday, chanting, "We want our teachers back", while others keep their kids away from Miramonte. The re-assigned te3achers have now filed a grievance against this "unprecedented action".

Well excuse me, but given the unprecedented circumstances and the reasonable assumption that a lot of people turned a blind eye to the actions of these two teachers for 20-30 years, it seems that unprecedented action is called for. Just today, it was reported on local radio that one child's parents came to the school to complain about photographs that Berndt was taking of their kid. Solution? Reportedly, the child was transferred to another teacher's class, that of 49-year-old Martin Springer, who just happens to be the second teacher charged.

It's a mess that has rocked the LA community. The rot that is the LAUSD has caught up with them. It will take years to fix this mess.

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Miggie said...

As I described in the previous thread, all the institutions that have been controlled by liberals for years are abject failures by any objectitive criteria.

There is something about that preference of equality of outcomes over equality of opportunity that sets up a cascade of disasterous unintended consequences. You get bad teachers as one of the consequences. Bad education is another one we have had to live with for too long. Once again there is a long list of problems, thanks to the "progressives" among us.

I can't wait for the election.