Friday, January 6, 2012

Olive Tree Initiative 2011 Draft Itinerary

Hat tip to Ha-Emet

Below, courtesy of Ha-Emet, is a draft itinerary for the 2011 Olive Trip Initiative (OTI) trip.

I take particular note of a scheduled meeting in Washington between the OTI delegation and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (September 1, 2011).

Below is an exhaustive report from Steve Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism concerning  MPAC, their history, their members and associates, and their connections to controversial charities.


Squid said...

So much for a fair and balanced approach to providing these young, gullible UCI students with the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Having the OTI group meet with MPAC is pure indoctrination, in favor of casting aspersion upon Israel. It is almost as bad as having the group meet with Hamas, as they did in the recent past, which was hidden from the public eye. Still, with this information, the probability that the So. Cal. Jewish Federation/Rose Project and UCI stopping this project is very low. After all, they would have to admit that the OTI venture is pure propaganda in favor of the PA and Hamas.
One asks the question: How stupid can one be, not to recognize the obvious, in the light of such fine research found in the post found below). Anyone countering this opinion should come up with facts contrary to the obvious.


Gary Fouse said...


It should be noted that none of this is rumor, hearsay or innuendo. It is from open source documents.

Squid said...

@ Gary,

From your facts, I drew an opinion. Anyone countering this opinion, should come up with facts to disprove it. I am in agreement that your research and data is fact from open source intelligence. I will have to be clearer, the next time around.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Wah! OTI is introducing students to people Gary doesn't like! Wah! And some amateur ideologue named Steve Emerson doesn't like them either! So there!

Matan Lurey said...

At least you guys were honest that the other 58+ speakers did not present an 'anti-Israel' perspective. Maybe OTI should contract out Mr. Fouse to make an 'approved itinerary' next time.

Gary Fouse said...


It's a free country. You can meet whomever you like. Others are free to comment on it.