Thursday, January 12, 2012

Even Radicals Retire at UCLA

Sondra Hale                                                                      

"So many people throughout the world are trained in mediation, negotiation, healing and psychotherapy. We could send in a force of these professionals to work with people when tensions are building up."

-UCLA professor Sondra Hale addressing the genocidal actions of the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed. (Campus Watch)

Cinnamon Stillwell at Campus Watch has her own "tribute" to retiring anthropology and women's
studies professor at UCLA, Sondra Hale. I urge the reader to click the links in Stillwell's article.


It seems Ms. Hale's real area of expertise is attacking Israel. What that has to do with women's studies and anthropology is a mystery to me, but that never seems to get in the way of of left-wing professors injecting their biases into a whole range of classroom activities.


Miggie said...

It seems that her brand of politics pervades the faculties. Not only does it give X% of impressionable young people a completely useless education in Black History, Women's Studies, etc., it costs significantly more each year to provide it.

If only there were a free marketplace of schools without government intervention ... paying for this and not that, and meddling in the process triggering all sorts of unintended consequences (like Chancellors that make something like a half a million a year) then the cream would rise to the top. Best educators, best low cost providers, would be in the highest demand. There would be competition. It would cost a lot less, we would get better educated people and Sondra Hale would have to peddle their garbage on some orange crate in the park... for free.

Gary Fouse said...

Hear! Hear!

Or is it Here! Here!?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

There, there...