Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hillary Clinton Should Resign

Clinton with OIC head Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been as effective as the proverbial high-salaried ballplayer with a big name who hits .240. She has traveled the world, offending one country after another, while accomplishing little to nothing. To be sure, she isn't as feckless as Madeline Albright, who was her erstwhile husband's top diplomat (who is?), but in reality, she has very little to show for her constant travels. As they would say in Texas, "big hat, no cattle".

(A little bit different style, perhaps, but same results.)

Last week's meeting she had in Washington with representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in their efforts to get the UN to pass resolutions against defamation of religion (their own) and see it become a world-wide law to criticize any aspect of Islam is a case in point of how Clinton is hurting the US and the free world. The above meeting was a follow-up to the one she participated in in Istanbul.

I have no idea what she is trying to accomplish by even participating in these meetings unless it is to humor the OIC and pretend she supports their agenda while trying to buy time. For as the IOC cries foul over "Islamophobia" around the world, in most of their countries, religious minorities are being persecuted with, ahem, a passion.

Passion as in murder, burning churches and religious persecution.

From the Copts in Egypt to the Christians and animists in southern Sudan, to Christians in Iraq, to Christians in Pakistan, to Christians in Nigeria, to Baha'i in Iran, the majority Muslim populations are committing acts of violence and hate against "non-believers". And what about the Jews, you ask? Well, they were all driven out circa 1948. The only real presence of Jews in the Middle East is in Israel-and we know what the Arab world wants to see happen to Israel.

Yet, while all this is going on, Hillary Clinton is lending legitimacy to the OIC's "Defamation of Religions" agenda while failing to hold their feet to the fire on their own acts of defamation against Christianity and other faiths.

The best Clinton has been able to do, when it came to Egypt, for example, after the killing of 25 Copts was this:

“to ensure that the fundamental rights of all Egyptians are respected, including the rights of religious freedom, peaceful assembly and the end of military trials for civilians, and that efforts be made to address sectarian tensions.”

It gets better; here is the official White House statement on the Christmas day bombings in Nigeria against Christian churches.

That's right. For all this states, it could have been a gangland drive-by in E. Los Angeles.

Can you imagine someone like John Bolton talking seriously with these clowns about how to implement a world-wide defamation of religion law while maintaining freedom of speech under our First Amendment? Bolton would have told them to clean up their own house before they start complaining about ours. He would have reminded them that while they are complaining about stupid cartoons in our countries, they are standing by while other faiths are actively persecuted (and murdered)in their own nations. He would have told them that mosques in our country are not being burned to the ground like churches are in their countries.

And we in the West are not supposed to even bring these topics up for discussion? Gimme a break!

Hopefully, we only have to endure one more year of this administration and then Hillary can slide into a professorship at Columbia University as she figures out her next move to the presidency.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

"I have no idea what she is trying to accomplish by even participating in these meetings unless it is to humor the OIC and pretend she supports their agenda while trying to buy time."

I suspect that is exactly what she is doing, but do you really expect her to say so in an interview with the New York Times, put it out in a press release, or say so in a joint statement?

I'm generally in favor of Hillary Clinton retiring or resigning from just about any government job, but this is petty carping and fearmongering.

I have confidence in the First Amendment. You don't?

Miggie said...

Here is a little religious tolerance message, appropriate for the season.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Miggie, what are your thoughts about the ultra-Orthodox Jews who spit on a modern Orthodox girl on her way to school because her long-sleeved top and well below the knee skirt didn't match up to their own standards of purity?

In some conservative circles, people are speculating that these ultra-Orthodox more closely resemble the Jews that Polish peasants would have had contact with in the 16th century, than modern ACLU board members do, which may explain why Polish peasants despised the Jews they knew?

I think that is too facile an assumption, but there may be a kernel of truth to it. In any case, while we are on the subject of religious tolerance...