Friday, November 18, 2011

Radical Indoctrination Continues at UCLA

Hat tip to Frontpage Magazine and Campus Watch

Judith Greblya, writing in Frontpage Magazine and Campus Watch, brings us another depressing story of the Middle East-anti-Israel-anti-America indoctrination on our campuses-in this case, UCLA-hardly surprising. On November 10, the campus held yet another speaking event featuring two professors, Juan Cole and James Gelvin, who gave their world views to the students.

It is hardly surprising that these two professors on the stage are anti-Israel. A pro-Israel speaker might get driven off the stage. We all know what happened when Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the US spoke at UC-Irvine last year. Yet, if you want to get up on a soapbox and bash Israel and our own country, you don't have to worry about a hostile audience. That is the nature of our universities these days.

Both Gelvin (UCLA) and Cole (University of Michigan) have well-documented histories of anti-Israel activism. Folks like these have free reign on university campuses-especially in Middle East Studies departments, so many of which are now funded by Middle Eastern sources. Pro-Israel professors need not apply. below is another Campus Watch article that features Gelvin's stances on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

"At a time when most of the international community has condemned the separation fence, particularly with respect to the suffering inflicted on over 700,000 residents of the West Bank, the illegal annexation of land by the Israeli government, and the Israeli government's attempt to impose a unilateral solution to a problem which our own government maintains can only be resolved through negotiations, feting an apologist for Israeli actions can only undermine the reputation of UCLA."

One can only assume that Gelvin would not extend the same of free speech to others that he enjoys himself.

One has to ask at what point do our university students wake up and ask themselves why they are only exposed to one side of this issue and why the other side is subjected to disruption if they dare speak on campuses.  One also has to ask how the humanities departments of American universities have become infested with so many misfits.


Miggie said...

"Several questions revolved around Syria and the failure of its revolution thus far, to which Cole responded:

"The U.S. and Israel are not interested in changing the regime in Syria. Syria is good for the U.S. and it's good for Israel.

He never explained how the Assad regime in Syria—despite all evidence to the contrary—is good for either the U.S. or Israel, when in fact it's an ideal candidate for regime change. In Cole's conspiratorial mindset, the U.S. and Israel are behind everything, even when it's not in their interests."

This quote from the article is unfortunately typical of the hate-filled Israel bashing ideologs. They incorporate irrational contradictions into their theories and it makes sense to them.

Miggie said...

Malice against the Jewish people and Israel continues to be these speakers' animating impulse. Sympathy for the Palestinians is only a fig leaf. It is a side issue that they use to cover their primary agenda.

This should be clear to all except for those who share their predisposition.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Whenever there is a commonly accepted image among the punditry, and opposing poles of self-righteousness, that everyone on campus thinks like X, it is generally wrong.

The real question is, when are the ten percent, the thirty percent, the twenty five percent, and the fifteen percent, who are not part of the thirty percent highlighted as embodying common wisdom, speak up for themselves?

No, they don't all agree on the opposite opinion, they have five or eleven OTHER opinions. That's the real world, but you wouldn't know it watching TV or reading blogs.