Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catholic University Told to Remove Crosses by Muslim Students

This story will leave you shaking your head. Catholic University in Washington DC, a private school, is being sued. Muslim students who are attending Catholic University are demanding a prayer room not adorned with crosses.

Let me make sure I get this straight. Muslim students choosing to attend Catholic University are offended because of crosses on the walls. They want Catholic University to provide them with a room free from crosses. They say that Catholic University is not respecting their religion. The crosses at Catholic University are offensive

What is Catholic University to do?


Miggie said...

You ask, "What is Catholic University to do?"

Submit! of course. That is what we are all supposed to do.

First it starts with requests, then it is "fairness", then it is a demand with threat of lawsuit or some violent or disruptive action that will force acquiescence to special treatment for them.

Catholic schools are too Catholic to suit the Muslims.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

It is a little silly, but would it really do the university harm to provide A ROOM without a crucifix?

rebtout: a confederate double agent?

Squid said...


Maybe some religious non-Muslims should go to a Muslim school and state that they feel uncomfortable with prayer rugs, crescents with stars, and voice discomfort with the "Sword Verses" in the Koran. I wonder what the ACLU would do?


Gary Fouse said...

Indeed Siarlys. Why doesn't Catholic University change its name so as not to offend Muslims? I suggest they fire all Catholic teachers and expell Catholic students.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Relax Gary. Take it from a bona fide conservative:

Muslim students aren't agitating about anything. Some ditzy law professor who thinks he is Non-god's gift to comfortably oppressed humanity had done this on his own. It will probably be dismissed for lack of standing, AND lack of jurisdiction.

I don't know how you knee-jerk self-styled "conservatives" jump from idle speculation about one room to crazy talk about changing names and abolishing accoutrements on an entire campus... but anyway, it seems Muslim students aren't complaining, so what business to the rest of us have, trying to stir up a tempest in a teapot?

Findalis said...

Yes it would Siarlys. To demand a University run by the Catholic Church to remove the crucifixes runs counter to the idea of a CATHOLIC University.

If these idiots don't like it, they can choose to attend another university.

Gary Fouse said...


To file a suit, there shouold be an aggrieved party, no? How can you have a suit unless the "victim" testifies? To say there is no involvement from the students is silly. It would not make sense. Someone has to have "standing" in the suit. That is a legal term that means they are affected by the wrong. The dopey GW professor alone has no standing.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Bingo! If you followed the link, lots of people, not limited to my seldom humble self, identified that the case will probably be dismissed for lack of standing! If not, it will be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. It is not being filed in court, by the way, but at the DC human rights commission. Findalis has their jurisdiction about right -- I don't know why she thinks we're arguing.

Squid said...

Monika Crowley of Fox News (sitting in for Hannity), just finished an interesting session with the George Washington University law professor who is making the effort to file a suit against the Catholic school. The Professor claims (ex nihilo) that the Muslims do not have enough room to pray. Monika asked if there was any student who complained and he could not answer, stating it was irrelevent. In addition, Crowley asks: "Is it the Muslim Student Association that is working with you." The Professor says that the question is irrelevent. Again, Crowley asks if CAIR is involved as part of the MB, and he responds by going around in circles, not answering the question.
We are now to assume that the MSA, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are testing the next phase of their Master Plan strategy.


Gary Fouse said...


I saw the interview. What an arrogant jerk this guy is. When asked if CAIR was involved, he said it was irrelevant. He didn't want to answer any questions. He just wanted to talk over Crowley. The mystery is whether any Muslim students are really complaining. His answer about CAIR indicates that somebody is behind him-and he won't say who.