Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why a Dutch Journalist Backed Out of the Flotilla

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna and Europe News (DK)

Below is an English translation of an original article in Dutch describing why one pro-Palestinian Dutch journalist backed off from the flotilla sailing to Gaza. The original Dutch version is also linked in this article.

This article is a perfect illustration of how gullible peace activists are being used by the radicals who are really behind this flotilla.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

"And that is also the issue for me: The population there. The Palestinian youths who published a document last year in which they expressed their longing for leading a normal life."

That is the critical point. Israel needs to find a way to create space for that longing to lead a normal life, without simply giving free reign to Hamas. If experience teaches those Palestinian youth that Israel is blocking their desire for a normal life, then they will be susceptible to Hamas. Israel must break that cycle.

Why Israel, and not Hamas? Because Hamas has no desire to break, and Israel has everything to gain by doing so.