Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cynthia McKinney Speaks Out for Ghaddafi

Former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is a woman with so many embarrassing footnotes to her life's resume that it would be fruitless to recount them here. I came across this bit of news that she has rushed to the defense of Libyan strongman Muammar Ghaddafi and choose here to make a note of it because a couple of years ago, she came to UC-Irvine during Israel Apartheid Week and spoke at the invitation of the UCI Muslim Student Union, just another in a long line of radical speakers brought to the campus by the MSU.

So here is my question to the Muslim Student Union of UC-Irvine. If you truly support the so-called "Arab Spring', in which Arabs are clamoring for democracy and trying to throw off the shackles of their dictatorial rulers, how do you reconcile this bit of news with your previous invitation to McKinney to speak at UC-Irvine in 2009? (see below)


Bartender Cabbie said...

she makes Sheila Jackson Lee sound almost lucid.

Gary Fouse said...

Anybody who invites her as a speaker is embarrassing themselves.

Anonymous said...

Any reasonable, rational person would understand that just because a group invites a speaker, that does not mean that their views are then one in the same and inseparable. Most groups would acknowledge that the views of their guest speakers are their own, and not necessarily the views of the organization.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, she's a special guest on Flotilla: The Sequel.
She's on the new list of Flotilla passengers and will be accompanied by various Black panthers, artists and activists. Truly a "Ship of Fools"

Siarlys Jenkins said...

The MSU are not my favorite bunch, but expecting clairvoyance is a but much. How come the speaker you invited four years ago said something now that appears to be in conflict with something you claim to support among this year's events? Why didn't you know in 2007 that this ditzy lady would disagree with you about something or other in 2011?

(That is, IF Gary is correct that MSU even supports the Arab spring in any form. Last I saw posted here, MSU are all for a planetary monarchcratical theocracy.

Too bad about McKinney. She used to make a little more sense. I gave up on Sheila Jackson Lee after she said "I'm a queen, and I expect to be treated like one." Like any good "red banner" guy, when I think of how a queen should be treated, I think of Marie Antoinette. (No, I don't want to see the Brits cut Elizabeth's head off. I just want to see the monarchy die a natural death whenever she goes).

Gary Fouse said...



4 years ago??!!

Gary Fouse said...


I am still waiting for that first MSU speaker they don't agree with.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

You named her and featured her Gary. She was your story. You want ME to explain it to YOU???