Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Confusion at UC Beserkley

You know, I've always suspected that those folks up at UC Berkeley were on hard drugs. (Just joking. Save your cards, letters and official complaints) This latest only reinforces it.
(Daily Californian)

"The significance of the public hearing would be that it's a way to bring to light all the procedural abuses and violations of students' rights that students have experienced for almost an entire year now, and this is the first time that the public has been able to see it," said Sean Graham, a law student and member of the Campus Rights Project. "

"According to Christina Gonzales, associate dean of students, the panel chair of each hearing has the right to decide whether to grant a student's request to make the hearing open or to keep it private, which it is by default."

"At the beginning of the hearing, Zelko asked the panel of five not to proceed, calling it "unfair" 11 months after the incident. Although the chair of the panel, math professor Paul Vojta, said "it sucks" that delays had pushed back the hearing date this far, the hearing proceeded."

"Though the code states hearings are to be held 45 days after initial charges, this policy was suspended last year in response to campus-wide budget cuts and furloughs which reduced the office's ability to process cases, according to campus officials. Gonzales said the 45-day timeline is back in place for new conduct violation cases this year."

"Graham said the charges should be dropped because of the timeline's suspension, adding that he thinks the Office of Student Conduct is "using the student disciplinary process as a means of repressing student activism."

"Vojta said Zelko could write her objection to the hearing in a letter to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande if she chooses to appeal later. "

"No detailed plans have been made for the future hearings of other students involved in the demonstrations last November, which Gonzales said is "hard to do" because of difficulties with scheduling members of the panel."

"As of press time, the hearing had not ended and no conclusion had been reached on Zelko's case. "

So now they are holding hearings on what to do with the little rascals who trashed and occupied the school last November over budget cuts, tuitions or some silly thing like that. Have they never heard of Fousesquawk University?

That's right. No hearings, no appeals, no law school students arguing. Trash the university and occupy buildings? Bye-bye.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well, government has to live within its means, and if staff cuts mean the hearings can't be processed in a timely manner, then something has to give...

Gary Fouse said...

Again you miss the point entirely.