Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This and That From UC-Irvine Hate Week

First of all, it is significant that folks are turning up to protest (peacefully) the Israel Apartheid Week. What is starting at UC-Irvine hopefully will spread all over North America.

I had a nice chat with Hedy Epstein today. After her talk yesterday, I suggested she do some research into some of the other speakers who have come to UCI over the years and spewed words not nearly as moderate as hers. (Epstein, who left Nazi Germany as a teenager, lost her parents in the Holocaust. She has become a Palestinian advocate in the International Solidarity Movement.)

I mentioned to her that knowing she had spent time in Nuremberg after World War II at the doctors trial, that I had been stationed in Erlangen just outside Nuremberg and written a book on the history of Erlangen. We talked briefly about Germany until her MSU handlers whisked her away when one of my colleagues asked her if she had seen the MSU posters (which I posted last night).

I would have thought that given the notoriety that UCI has acquired since the February 8th disruption of the Israeli ambassador's speech, that the UCI chancellor, Michael Drake, might want to come, listen, and see for himself what all the fuss is about. (We have never seen him at any of these events over the years.) Last year during Israel Apartheid Week, a Jewish coed called his office to complain about the words she had heard. She was informed by Drake's office that it is the chancellor's practice to be away from campus during Israel Apartheid Week. Unfortunate.

Ditto for Erwin Chemerinsky, our law school dean, who has repeatedly stated that he has never seen any anti-Semitism at UCI. I haven't seen him around either. Maybe I missed him in the crowd. I haven't even seen any of the honchos, but then again, maybe I missed them in the crowd.

Who is this Jordanian professor who has reportedly been telling some of our folks at the rallies that after Israel, the Muslim world will take back Spain since that was once under Muslim control? He has also reportedly been very critical of America and our government according to those who have spoken with him the last couple of days at the apartheid events.

Is it true department

Is it true that a certain professor in the Social Sciences department allowed an MSU member to announce the Israeli Apartheid Week to the class?

Two more days of Hate Week to go. Stand by.


PatriotUSA said...

Thought you might want to see this if you have not already:

David Horowitz at UCSD

Gary Fouse said...

One step ahead of you, my friend. Posted last night. Let's see if this causes the same kind of uproar at UCSD.

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Fouse,

I removed your post, as you requested today. My intention was only to post a calendar of events for UCI's Hate Week. I did not intend to "plagerize" your writings. I never signed my name to the post. The blog software automatically puts "posted by (name) When I write something, I typically sign my name next to the article. I sincerely apologize to you for this mistake.

But you were upset with me for something that happened yesterday, before you even saw the blog.

I was that "out of control" woman you said was "disgraceful," and for whom you felt you need to apologize to our Islamic tormentors.

I have read your blog carefully, and I agree with almost everything you have written.

But on this one subject we are poles apart:
You say we should stay silent while these people spew their hate.

I am left with certain burning questions which I must ask, and I hope you will be kind enough to answer:

1. Why should a Jew in the 21st century, in America remain polite and in "control" in the face of pure evil directed at the Jewish people?
2. Why did you get mad at me, a lone Jewish woman, rather than that hateful mob?

By the way, you stated in your blog today, that I was out of control.

Arabs murdered my first love in Israel when I was a 19 year old girl. This is not an academic exercise to me. I have a "dog in this fight". These people, if left unchecked, will drench this country in blood too. I suggest that politeness or "control" in not the correct response to these people. I suggest that we scream bloody murder, and confront them as fiercely as they menace us.

This leads me to my final question: Please tell me, in light of the millions of murdered Jews though our history over the ages, exactly how "being in control" and being "reasonable" in the face of an anti-Semitic mob has ever helped us?

Thank you for your consideration to these questions.

Gary Fouse said...


Apology accepted.

Now that you have had a chance to see my blog, I think you now see where I stand on this issue. I have been fighting this issue for 3-4 years now. Not only that, but I make it a point to attend these events and challenge the speakers with well thought out questions. On two occasions, I have argued with Ali after his talk for about 15 minutes surrounded by MSU members-with no other supporters, Jews or Christians present. If you dig deeper into my blog, you will see where I have called out the Jewish community for not standing up and speaking out. I have been very frustrated by the fragmentation within the Jewish community.

In addition, I have publicly criticized the university leadership to the point where I don't know why I still have a job. Today, I have called out the Jewish Federation for their sorrowful lack of support for our cause. Many elements within the Jewish community who have refused to stand up have called me a bomb thrower. I invite you to read my posting on the William Robinson speech and what I said to him.

I am not Jewish. I grew up with Jews in WLA and served my military service in a German town just outside Nuremberg. Ever since I have been sort of an amateur scholar on the Third Reich. I have been to Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau and Sachsenhausen. I consider fighting anti-Semitism and the threat of radical Islam
the main thrust of my remaining years.

On occasion, I have attended these so called university conferences of Israel bashing and spoken up for Israel and against anti-Semitism virtually alone, hooted by a crowd of hundreds. I don't care. It goes without saying that the MSU hates my guts, but they respect me because they know I cannot be intimidated.

Having said that, it must be pointed out especially after the Oren event that we are fighting for the hearts and support of the 99% of students at UCI who have nothing to do with this ugliness. A lot of planning went into these counter-protests. It was essential that we not send a message to the students that we are just as irresponsible as the MSU. That is why we were so angered by your outbursts.

If you have any doubts about my views on radical Islam, just look at the hundreds of articles I have written about it-including the situation in Europe, which is much worse than here.

I believe that this week was a success for our side and that it can serve as a model for other campuses. The people who came out were far from being appeasers. Many were Christians who are quite active against radical Islam. Since the Oren event, there has been a drastic change in the awareness of the Jewish community.

I respect your life experience and your anger. I am also angry. I will die fighting before accepting Islamic rule and shariah law. I just think that there is a more effective way of standing up to Islamic radicalism.

deborah said...

Gary, from my heart, thank you for you apology, I just saw it today, March of 2014. My how time flies.

I know we are on the same side, however we have different experiences. I have the demeanor of a scorned woman. I have lost loved ones in the war against the Jews. Jewish mothers will literally kill to protect their young. As a mother of 5, that day in the open area at UCI, only another Jewish mother would understand my hurt and my rage. Shalom

Gary Fouse said...


Wow. I guess it's a lot of water under the bridge since then, and I don't hold grudges.

I hope you will catch up on my blog, and you will see that I am still fighting the fight.

Thank you for replying.

deborah lurya said...

My pleasure. If you need help, never hesitate to call me.