Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meanwhile at UC-Santa Cruz (AWU)

The UC-system-wide demonstrations over tuition hikes and budget cutbacks were also felt last week at the University of California Santa Cruz (America's wackiest university). It appears the little rascals at UCSC have learned their lessons well from their activist teachers. But how did that slip under the Fousesquawk radar for so long? Here is a report from the Santa Cruz Sentinel.(Hat tip to Donald Douglas at American Power)

Kerr Hall lobby

blocking doors in Kerr Hall lobby

Kerr Hall lobby by elevator

Kerr Hall lobby reception desk

"Power to the people!"

Here is a statement issued by Vice Chancellor David Kliger on November 19 as the demonstration was on-going.

And here is another statement by Kliger the following day:

And there was this from Vice Chancellor of Student Judicial Affairs Felicia McGinty:

On November 22, Chancellor Blumenthal issued this statement:

Bettina Aptheker??? You mean the same Bettina Aptheker from the 1960s? That Bettina Aptheker?

Relivin' the good old days, eh Bettina?

Anyway, all's well that ends well. No arrests were made, and the entire USCS staff went off to lunch....

in their official state-issued Weeniemobile.

Oh, total cost of damages? $50,000-52,000. I hope I have enough documentation for Mr Anonymous at UC Davis in case he wants to challenge this "reactionary" in "solidarity" with the students at UC-Santa Cruz (AWU).

UCSC shouldn't complain too strenuously. After all, isn't that what they teach them to do in the Community Studies Department?

"Thou reap what thou hast sown"


Findalis said...

A bunch of pigs. I guess their parents are very proud of them.

Gary Fouse said...

And it took Bettina Aptheker, the old commie professor who was doing the same stuff in the 60s to get them to dispurse.

How ironic!