Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jim (the Jerk) Moran (D-VA) Checks ID at Town Hall Meeting

Here is another clip from Jim (the Jerk) Moran's tumultuous town hall meeting in Reston, Va last week. (Yes, the same town hall attended by that other famous jerk, Howard Dean.) Moran, who also has a tendency to fly off the handle, reacted to one questioner by demanding to see his ID!

Let's set aside for a moment the arrogance of Jimmy "the Jerk". Coupled with his over-reaction to a question by a lady who apparently, spoke out of turn, doesn't this raise serious questions to even the dumbest observer about his ability to manage anything?


So if you ever plan to attend one of "Jimmy the J"'s town hall meetings, don't forget to bring your ID.



Lance Christian Johnson said...

Well, at least the video gives proper context. Oh, wait, it doesn't. Instead, all we get is spin from the Fox hosts, and then we get a tiny snippet of what happened, followed by more commentary.

These protesters are to conservatives what Code Pink was to liberals.

Findalis said...

I wonder what he will say next November when the yokels he is insulting throw him out of office? Ooops?

Gary Fouse said...


You can always turn over to MSNBC where they will give commentary that pleases you. They say the same thing about the protesters that you do.

Or you can listen to the judgements of folks like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others in the Democratic Party.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Okay, I got it. Spin is okay so long as it's "conservative" spin.

No thanks on MSNBC. I'll stick to the newspaper and the stories that I get on Yahoo News. I realize that no matter what, there's always going to be some spin in some direction, but that clip that you posted is simply ridiculous. They told you what to think about it, and then you basically just regurgitated it as a blog post.

Gary Fouse said...

Hey Lance,

I got 4 other clips on an earlier post. All from the same town hall meeting.