Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is David Axelrod Involved in Conflict of Interest?

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Since the White House e-mail flap broke last week, I haven't been getting any more e-mails from White House Advisor to the President, David Axelrod. If I do, I would like to reply with a question for Mr Axelrod: Is he involved in a conflict of interest in the on-going health care issue?

It goes something like this. Axelrod is the former president of a Chicago firm called AKPD Message and Media, which he left on December 31, 2008 to take over in the Obama White House. His son still works there. The company still owes Axelrod $2 million dollars in back salary. Presently, AKPD is receiving millions of dollars to run ads pushing Obama's health care plan. The money is paid by an outfit called "Americans for Stable Quality Care, formerly "Healthy Economy Now".

The question that is raised is this: Has Axelrod been involved in any negotiations involving the use of AKPD to advertise and promote the government health plan? If so, why-to facilitate the $2 million dollar payment that he is owed? As Hugh Hewitt points out in his article, the crucial details would center around Axelrod's payment contract with AKPD. In other words, has Axelrod in any way been involved in funneling big multi-million dollar contracts to AKPD to enable or expedite the payment of those $2 million dollars? If so, would that not be a conflict of interest?

The Hewitt article can be found here:,_big_pharma_and_all_the_special_interests_funding_the_push_for_obamacare

Maybe my old pen-pal Dave will send me another unsolicited e-mail that will explain all that and set our minds at ease. In the meantime, whatever happened to Obama's promises of transparency and change? Or is it just more of the same?

I'm sure the media will launch an investigation. Maybe there will be a special prosecutor named. Maybe the Cubs will win the pennant.

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It smells fishy to me.